Australia is a big country with so many beautiful developments and have healthy environment, due to fast progression in economic growth Australia is a city of opportunity they now expanded there economy so much that they need to outsource the skilled labors which is usually in common words known as blue collar jobs which mostly get hired by non-citizen of Australia, these jobs can hire non-citizen easily as compare to white collar jobs, these types of jobs are considered as odd jobs.

Developed countries like Australia and Canada outsource labor to make it more convenient and to hire efficient employees they go for commercial labor hire services,  these services work as a middle man between the companies and the skilled or non-skilled people there major goal is to provide labors the company according to their requirement. Skilled labour hire Melbourne mostly consider hiring non-citizens because they will be ready to work on low wages as compare to the citizens, because citizens have chances to get the white collar jobs but outsiders can only work as part-time or blue collar jobs. labor hire are most common in Australia because there are so many different odd jobs available in the country that need to filled, they hire students who came to the country for studies purposes but can’t work as a citizen due to this they take them as a outsource and hire them on odd jobs. These types of jobs are usually called as contract base, stuffing or just labor supply, and there pay and charge rate will depend upon the nature of the job the difference between the two is wages are mostly pay to the employee on hourly basis whereas charges will be decided by the company to whom labor get hired.

The labor hiring services basic goal is to provide the efficient worker for the company that will be beneficial for the labor service as well as to the company it is hired for, these hiring services keep track records of the employee and use it for further recommendations as well. The basic rule when outsourcing the staff is they will work for a certain time period like if they are allowed to work for 40 hours a week they have to do this, they need to manage those hours accordingly secondly if staff work on weekend they will be paid extra, these are some basic rules which will be set by the labor hiring companies. For doing this drill they have profit too because they will charge certain fees to the company for whom they are hiring the people in lesser wages, company likely be agreed and pay the fees to these hiring companies because they give the employees who are reliable and will work for a longer time period.