FM is specialist in designing and manufacturing high quality products which are flexible and made by superior plastics and textiles. We cover the wide range of products which have too much importance in industrial sector. We have best designers and production manager for manufacturing of such high quality products that are not available in the market it gives us advantage of sole dealer in the market.

We are able to produce best quality products which are requirement of industrial, residential, rural, commercial and mobile applications. FM industrial has a very good reputation in the market by manufacturing the highest quality products.

When there is requirement of structures and lifting equipment’s proof load testing, water weight bags are manufactured for this required purpose. Mostly marine requires load testing and water weight bags are solution for marine not only marine also other industry sector is getting the benefits of water weight bags. These bags are reliable, economic and efficient can be purchased with very low prices instead of buying traditional and metal made.

Crane, davit, bridge, platform, beam, derrick, floor and walkway are the items which requires load testing thus, water weight bags are best solution. Many times customer needs a specifics size of water bags so we also manufacture custom size and shape water weight bags which easily can suit your application.

If your requirement is to store water on temporary basis so Fleximake’s Bladder Frac tank is the best rainwater tanks Australia. Bladder tanks providing you more space for storage and in the little space you can install it unlike traditional steel tank are solid in nature and storage space is less when compared to bladder tanks. These tanks are designed and ideal for storage of different types of expensive liquids.

Our one more product is onion tanks. These are specially designed for the storage of drinking water in rugged environment. Onion tanks are very much beneficial in the emergency time after the disaster for drinking water storage. These tanks have water supplying ability like traditional steel made tank but frac tank are light in weight and adjustable at any kind of the surface. Onion tanks are easily moveable as per requirement.

We have collaboration with drivers to understand the latest requirements by the industry and we manufacture as per latest upgrades and our bags are becoming more reliable and effective product. By this action we are able to manufacture the highest quality products and during the process of manufacturing each and every single moment is monitored to maintain the best product manufacturing. You just have to choose your desired product online and we will deliver you at your workplace and our installation team is also always ready to guide you for installation at right place.