If you are looking for the best LED bars then you are at the right place. We happen to have the best affordable bars then have good output and a good life span. The bulbs that we use inside our bars are from Philips or CREE LED. Both of these brands are best in class and produce some of the best quality LED’s. We also use Epistar LED that also has best quality LED products. The light bars that we have are durable plus weather resistant. It does not matter whether its too hot or too cold. The light bars will still work with the maximum efficiency. Our bars come with 12-month warranty so if anything happens to the bar, you can always replace it back and we will take care of it and replace it.  

LED bars are now more common due to the increased use. Most of the travellers use it to have a good beam of light on the road and to get a clear view. Our bars are available in different option. You can either choose the spot or flood beam. Both have their own uses. If you want the bar for driving purposes then spot bar is best for you as it has high intensity beam and works very well. You can have a flood bar if you want to light up your front in an evenly distributed light. This gives you a pretty good view of your front and every thing just seems like illuminated. What if you want both flood and spot beam, then you can buy our combo light bar in which you will have both options. There are different brackets for mounting and you can buy which one suits you the most. All the LED bars are available in different sizes and different number of rows. You can choose from one, two, three and four rows. It depends on your usage whether you want slim fit or a heavy-duty beam.  

There is a good range of 12v inverter available in our stock. Inverter could be a good source of energy as an alternative when you don’t have the mains supply. We have different range of inverters from 300 watts to 5,000 watts and depending on your requirement you can choose which suits you the best. Our 300watt inverter can be connected directly in to the car and you can have instant power. The inverter can be connected to the cigarette port and you can power up your laptop or your mobile phone. It is a must have if you love camping because you can add a battery to it and can get pure 220-240 Volts power.  best-inverters