Dividing a portion of land or a room and converting it into a dual occupancy is a thought. And if you think this is a new and innovative idea, then it is not. Property developers have used this trick since year as they known about the big financial gained that they could make with the dual occupancy.

And the concept has been given the name of DPU or the granny flats Sydney. These days, people prefer to get this type of extended accommodation instead of constructing a house. Reason for the same is, For the construction of a DPU, there is no long wait required, because the government allows the construction of DPU in a very easy terms and conditions. Moreover, the mobile granny flats prices are very less in compare to constructing a house.Now, coming to the advantages of constructing a DPU, then there are many not just one or two. Some of the advantages are:

The extended portion can be used for commercial purpose. People who have a small shop or business can get a DPU at the front of the house or in backyard to start and run the business there itself. This way rent will be saved and also the commuting time and charges. Link here http://mobilegrannyflats.com.au/pricing/ to gain information about the pricing of mobile granny flats.

A person suffering from infection needs extra care of their loved ones. And it could be done only when the person is kept at home. But, if the children are there at home, then also get exposed to infection. The granny room in this situation is a very good option. The person who is suffering will remain in contact with the family member and will get their love and care and at the same time they can be kept away from the small children.

Having a hobby room in the house is great. It helps in removing stress. But, when the house the small then creating hobby room could be difficult. But by creating a DPU, hobby room could be created without disturbing the interior of the home.

So these are some the benefits of creating a DPU in the house. But, it should be noted that, the DPU construction should be done by the professionals. There are many reasons for it, like they offer more options, they hold experience of constructing DPU, and staff will understand your need and work carefully on your instruction.In addition to that, the professionals also help in getting the approval for construction of DPU in certain areas. They have the option of affordable granny flats according to the budget of the people.