Penguin Parade Is Not The Only Attraction On Philip Island

Australia a country where things are nothing traditional, dynamic and lively environment happy and friendly people, love and craze for sports, athleticism and everything which one can actually imagine off, part of Australia like Sydney and Melbourne things are entirely different and beyond boundaries. There are so many point of attraction for tourist and new immigrants in Australia but here we will be shedding bright light on Philip Island a name which is not unheard by any tourist.   

During sunset the cutest creature of the planet which is known as ‘penguin’ shows off the most adorable moves possible. Yes! The biggest attraction for the tourist are penguins but it is worth mentioning that Philip island is famous for Penguin parade during sunset, but there is a lot more there which is unknown and only those who have visited the Philip island physically can understand the significance of the other happening around Philip island in Melbourne. The world’s smallest penguins are found on this paradise of Melbourne, moreover Philip island tour is considered among top 5 things to do in Melbourne. Ok! So moving ahead, things which make this experience even more adorable are Koalas, Seals and scenic coastal trails in Philip Island. Melbourne is considered as the heart of Australia and Philip Island is just 2 hours away from Melbourne. There are so many tourism packages available but if one wants to plan something for phillip island day tour Melbourne one can go himself/herself, because from shower to changing area, tour guide to boards for self-guidance all are there ( the best thing is to reach the spot earliest possible) since it’s the most wanted spot for tourism people visit there more often, hence early bird gets the parking. Catch which most of the people are unaware of is for the people who love to sit peacefully with their family, St. Kilda’s beach is just along the way and can be tapped to get the sight of wild penguins (only if you are lucky enough).  

No entertainment can be completely or be enjoyed on empty stomach so fellas! Grab the special fish and chips meal from the famous SAN REMO which can be touched very conveniently just before the bridge of Philip Island. Now comes the part which may worry some of us a little, Penguins are punctual and the charges may vary according to the season briefly, the little penguins can be sighted after 8:40 pm and earliest at 5: 00 am, so be very careful when planning the trip as during on season charges may go high. Although places like Koala Conservation Centre and Nobbies Antarctic Journey are there to satisfy the entertainment appetite. So what are you waiting for? the best months for planning a good vacation in Melbourne Philip Island is between November and March when those cutest Penguins arrives. For more information, please log on to